WATCH: Antifa Protester Screaming About “Nazis” Falls Down Stairs, Cries, then Gets Arrested in Hilarious VIDEO!

Antifa is the gift that keeps on giving. Sort of like a rash that you just can’t quite shake.

You remember Antifa, right? The far-left terror group that was responsible for so much of the racial division and destruction during the “peaceful” BLM protests of 2020? The group the left kept insisting wasn’t real?

The left has issues with knowing what is real and what isn’t. Men can get pregnant? There are countless genders? Joe Biden is a good president? So many issues with the left’s grasp on reality.

Thankfully the rest of us, the sane people, are over here just chilling; waiting to point out the hypocrisy or laugh and point when some shrill ladies make a fuss over abortion rights.

The left has no short supply of hilarity for us to poke fun at. Just check out what happened recently when a brave Antifa foot soldier couldn’t manage to stay on both of them! Let’s check with Biz Pac Review for all the hilarity!

A Monday protest by a radical left-wing member of Antifa turned into a comedy routine as he repeatedly tumbled to the ground for no apparent reason. 

The protestor, Rod Webber, was wearing a solid red shirt as a few people chanted “Nazis Out” at the West Roxbury Courthouse in Boston where he came face to face with a right-wing group arriving for a hearing for their founder Chris Hood, who was facing charges related to a protest of a drag queen story hour over the weekend.

As they approached, Webber was holding a sign and had his cell phone camera pointed at the group. As the first person walked by him, he seemed to chest bump him and he dramatically fell to the ground despite not being pushed. Once prone, Webber grabbed for the man’s legs. 

Check out the video below: