Finally A High Definition Surveillance VIDEO, Shows Elderly Man “Shoot The Arm Off” Would Be Robber!

A robber’s recent attempt to take advantage of an elderly liquor store owner in California in a situation he would have thought of as an easy heist has proved to be defective as it immediately went wrong.

The man identified as Goony McThug and some friends had visited the Liquor store this fateful day. Reports have it that this event occurred on Sunday at about 2:45 am at Norco Market & Liquor, located in the 2800 block of Clark Avenue. The squad arrived at the store in a Black SUV, and as they noticed it was just the elderly store owner around, they tried to rob the store as they believed they had hit the jackpot.

Footage from the surveillance camera shows the suspect wearing a red and black sweatshirt and a ski mask entering the store before he points a rifle at the 80-year-old man standing behind the counter. He, however, ran out of luck at that moment as the store owner was equipped with his shotgun right there. As he noticed he was about to be robbed, the store owner immediately brought out his shotgun and opened fire on Goony, who immediately ran away from the store. 

Check out the interview with the owner: