(VIDEO) Pelosi Lands In Taiwan as Chinese Send Tanks to Beaches and Fighter Jets Over Border After Warning US Will ‘Pay the Price’

Nancy Pelosi has touched down in Taiwan today despite harsh warnings from the Chinese government that the US will “come to no good end” if it pays any diplomatic visits to the island.

Air Force One touched down at around 10:45pm local time Tuesday evening.

The show of defiance by the US has riled the Chinese authorities who last week gave some startling threats about shooting Pelosi’s plane down if she attempted the visit.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan reiterated the warning on Monday. He said, “there will be serious consequences if she insists on making the visit”.

“We are fully prepared for any eventuality,” he continued.

“The People’s Liberation Army [PLA] will never sit by idly. China will take strong and resolute measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Now, the communist nation which took control over Taiwan after the end of World War II in 1945. Although the island nation has its own small military and democratically elected politicians, its legal status where China is concerned remains unclear and rocky.