What Israeli Forces Said To Terrorist Groups After They Killed Leader Is Epic

News broke on Friday that Israel Defense Forces had just successfully carried out Operation “Breaking Dawn,” a mission to attack Palestinian Jihad terrorists located in the Gaza Strip. Reports coming out about the operation have revealed that the IDF killed Tayseer al-Jabari, a senior Islamic Jihad commander who was a supervisor over various terrorist forces.

And while that is major league badassery right there, what’s even cooler is what the IDF said to terrorist groups in the area just after they took him out. This is how you deal with terrorists, folks.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

Reports indicated that Palestinian Islamic Jihad was planning an attack on Israelis living near Gaza, forcing the residents to go into hiding. That followed Israel’s arrest of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s terrorist leader Bassam al-Saadi in Jenin, a hotbed of Palestinian terrorist action, on Monday night. Jabari, killed in the Friday attack, was suspected of planning a terrorist response to the arrest of Saadi.