WATCH: Influence! President Trump Continues To Show Why He’s The Kingmaker!

Though he lost the presidential seat to Democrat politician Joe Biden in 2020 and has been involved in several battle losses this year, Donald Trump has continuously proved that he is not just any politician.

Since he left office, the former president has been rightfully crowned as a kingmaker as most of the candidates with his backing had won the primary elections. Of the 200 candidates with Trump’s backing, a vast majority of 188 candidates have won in the primaries, and only 14 have lost. The remaining two candidates had dropped out on their own accord or were disqualified for one reason or the other.

Many have been quick to judge and criticize the loss of his backed candidates earlier this year, saying he is not in the position he used to be. Some of his former loyalists who had lost elections had called him names and have remained bitter over their losses. One of his aides who had been working in campaigns had also told the press, “Trump is moving away from his own movement and he doesn’t even know it. His instincts have gotten worse. He was running toward the movement, now he’s running toward himself.”

In a shocking turn of events for these nay-sayers, Trump proved that he wouldn’t be going down so easily and quickly. The Republicans are already retaking their rightful political seats across the country with the backing of the Republican kingmaker, Donald Trump. Read more