(WATCH) ‘If America Falls, We Fall!’ Nigel Farage Urges US to Remove Pelosi at CPAC Conference

British Brexit Party leader and Donald Trump supporter, Nigel Farage gave a grave warning to American citizens last night as he urged for the removal of Pelosi and for Americans to save the Western world.

During his speech at the packed Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas on Saturday, the former leader of the UK Independence Party took to the stage to say that “If America falls, we fall” and warned that if American citizens did not defend traditional values and culture, the Western world would cease to exist as we know it.

Farage, who rose to notoriety in Britain for his plain-speaking and willingness to stand up for the beliefs and concerns of everyday British people, including his unapologetic condemnation of uncontrolled mass immigration, received a standing ovation from a rapturous audience at the event as he lauded American conservatives for “standing up for the free world”.

“When conservative policies stop being conservative, guess what happens? They lose. They lose elections. And that I think is where the opportunity is here in America because be clear about one thing to save Western civilization,” said Farage.

“This is the battleground because if America falls, we all fall,” he continued.

“But I know I know I’m talking to perhaps the most important group of people that have ever assembled in one room. Read more