ESPN’s Jalen Rose Says ‘Mount Rushmore’ Is ‘Offensive;’ Here’s The Absurd Reason Why

Jalen Rose, a sports analyst for ESPN, recently stated that folks need to stop saying “Mount Rushmore” because the term is “offensive,” as it refers to a monument that was built “on top of dead bodies.”

Man, is it just me or does ESPN need to start offering potential hires a free mental health screening to make sure the individuals they put on the air haven’t lost their marbles?

Rose, who used to play professional baseball, went on to say last week that “using Mount Rushmore to define greatness should be retired immediately.”

According to Just the News, the ESPN personality then posted a video on Twitter that explained why the phrase is similar to the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians, both being professional sports teams who have undergone name changes.

“Can we retire ‘Mount Rushmore’? That should be offensive to all of us, especially Native Americans and indigenous people,” he remarked. Read more