Miami Proposes Interesting Solution For Dealing With Homeless Population

The city of Miami, Florida has apparently decided to try out a rather interesting solution for dealing with the homeless population, as a plan has been approved to construct 50-100 “mini-homes” on an island.

Of course, such an idea has also sparked a fair share of controversy as well, which is no big surprise given the fact that the plan is probably being looked at as a means of getting rid of the homeless population by moving them out of the way, so folks do not have to acknowledge they exist.

Is that at the heart of the program? I don’t know. No one else does either. However, the one thing everyone can agree with is that something has to be done about the homeless population.

According to The Daily Wire, the pilot program will take about six months to build the small homes and to install electricity in Virginia Key North Beach Park. Many locals use the island for recreational activities and are concerned the new living spaces might end up stripping the area of its beauty.

Esther Alonso, the owner of Virginia Key Outdoor Center, said she was ‘horrified on many levels’ with the plan. Her business rents kayaks, bikes, and other outdoor recreational equipment to use around the island,” the report said.

“We’re gonna be kicked out of here,” Alonso stated during a protest against the pilot program that was held over the weekend. “I’m gonna lose my business, and I’m most worried about my employees because they don’t deserve this.” Read more