ESPN Reporter Shamed for Speaking Out Against Vaccine Finally Gets the Last Word

The world has been a really crazy place lately, hasn’t it? Covid and the subsequent way it was mishandled by all our elected officials and public institutions has reshaped society for the worse. Arguing that point is to ignore the obvious.

People lost their jobs because they refused an experimental vaccine, students were denied in school services, grieving families were denied last rites with ill loved ones.

Yep, it’s been a true crapfest. The shocking part is how despite CDC recommendations finally starting to roll back to some semblance of common sense, some companies still refuse to “follow the science” and continue to double down on vaccines and restrictions.

ESPN and its parent company Disney is one of these companies. Sage Steele is an ESPN reporter who recently suffered a firestorm of criticism and suspensions for having the audacity to question the need for a Covid vaccine she didn’t want.

Now, with the CDC relenting on Covid mandates and restrictions, Steele may get the last word. here are the details from Outkick:

ESPN’s Sage Steele was crucified by many for saying that she didn’t think it was right that Disney, the network’s parent company, mandated all employees to receive the vaccine. Now that the CDC has changed its COVID guidance, Steele is continuing to use her right to free speech regarding the situation.

Last week the CDC finally entered reality and ended all different treatments for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Steele, who called Disney’s vaccine mandate “sick” and “scary” last fall, reacted to the CDC changing its stance.