We Are Not Alone! Worlds Clearest UFO Photo Ever Revealed!

Ever seen a UFO? I have. Or at least think I have. That’s the problem.

Many, many people, even people we know have seen what is commonly known as a UFO, despite the fact that the government has renamed them UAP, or “Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon”.

I thought we were doing fine with “UFO” but count on the government to confuse things.

Question remains, what are we seeing? Certainly, the vast majority of UFO’s are explainable, just not at the moment or by who saw it. Some however, despite scrutiny from people who want to poo poo everything cool, like UFO’s and Bigfoot, have survived the scrutiny and been deemed unexplained.

It helps when there is good, high-resolution video or still images. If only Bigfoot would hold still and smile!

Recently, a photo taken on August 4th, 1990 known as the “Calvine Photo” has resurfaced and is being hailed as the best photo captured to date. Let’s check with MSN for the details:

The photos or videos that surface on the internet most of the time are either too grainy or too dark for anyone to make deductions. For this reason, claims about UFO sightings cannot be fully authenticated.

But recently, the world’s ‘clearest UFO photo’ has been revealed to the world 30 years after it was apparently snapped by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands.

The image was titled Calvine Photograph and originally handed over to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper and then to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the early 90s. Since that time, it was never seen by the public.