CNN Reports Makes Big Admission About Name Of Inflation Bill And Joe Manchin

John Harwood, a correspondent with CNN, stated on Tuesday that the title, “Inflation Reduction Act” was basically just a marketing ploy designed to dupe Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin into putting his support behind President Joe Biden’s agenda.

In other words, Harwood thinks Manchin is a total idiot who can be easily bamboozled by simple marketing tactics, which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened.

It’s kind of crazy to think that’s how you play the game of politics, but yeah, that’s apparently how it is done. But this goes to show you that the Democrats will use any dirty trick in the book to get their agenda made into law. If the bill was really going to tackle the issue of inflation, it wouldn’t need to trick someone into supporting it.

“No, it doesn’t live up to its name,” Harwood went on to say. “Let’s be real: They called it the Inflation Reduction Act as a marketing device, in part to lock down the vote of Joe Manchin or to reassure Joe Manchin that they were focused on his issue.”

He continued, saying, “It is going to have a negligible effect on inflation. If it does anything, it might reduce inflation a tiny, tiny bit, but that’s not what it’s about.”

“What’s it about is climate. It’s about health policy — extending Obamacare subsidies, lowering prescription drug costs by letting Medicare negotiate — and taxing big corporations. That’s the core element of the plan,” Harwood stated. “If it does any appreciable to reduce inflation, that’s gravy.” Read more