YouTube Makes Major Move Against Conservative Comedian After Exclusive Interview With Kari Lake

The clowns in Big Tech are up to their old tricks again it seems.

YouTube has issued a two-week ban to conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder after he posted an interview with Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake who appeared on his program “Louder With Crowder,” according to his staff.

Uh oh. The marching orders must be trickling down to all the minions and propaganda makers to find ways to shut down GOP candidates that are backed by former President Donald Trump as we continue to move toward the midterm elections.

They’re scared, folks. Completely terrified. They know the red wave is coming and are taking any course of action they can to lessen the damage, which means silencing their opposition.

“Lake had informed Crowder that if elected, she would investigate claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. On Wednesday, Crowder posted on Instagram a message from YouTube saying the podcast had been removed for violating the platform’s misinformation policy. Crowder has since doubled down, saying he will now interview Kari Lake again,” the Daily Wire reported.