Watch: Biden Has Another Senior Moment During Embarrassing Attempt at Giving a Speech

Sure, the world might be collapsing as the incompetents in the Biden regime run about like chickens with their heads cut off, with Mayor Pete ranting about racist roads as Kamala offers up her very best cackle and Brandon plumbs the depths of what’s allowed before the 25th Amendment just has to be used to remove him.

Inflation might be wrecking your finances, gas prices might be making it painful to fill up your car, America certainly is humiliated on the world stage, and our enemies seem ascendant as we seem declining and unable to figure out what a woman is.

Well, all that’s true and it also looks like the economy is about to nosedive and throw us into a recession. So that’s nice.

But, at the very least, we get to crack jokes at Brandon’s express because he’s such an obviously demented fool that just can’t be taken seriously, even were he not a senile senior.

Whether the hilarious tumble from the bike incident or Biden saying “let’s go Brandon” on a Santa-themed phone call with parents around America, there’s always plenty of material to work with when joking about how Brandon’s brain seems more melted than butter in the microwave (and somehow smoother too!).

And now there’s yet more material to work with, as Biden was trying to speak about “fixing the system,” a typical DC talking point, and then lost his train of thought and had to wander off after pausing, saying “anyway.”

Watch that senile senior moment here: