JUSTICE! Look Who Just Was Burned Alive For Their Crimes!

After the murder of a boy who was 11 years old, an angry mob set fire to their bodies and burned the three kidnappers to death.

Locals in Guatemala took three suspects out of a police station and set fire to them after they were accused of kidnapping and murdering an 11-year-old boy named Freddy Méndez.

In the municipality of Colotenango, the deaths of Selvin Pérez, 24, Samuel Godnez, 38, and Ovidio Méndez, 24, took place in the community of Xémal.

The suspects had demanded $1,900 (£1,600) from Freddy Méndez’s family after kidnapping the 11-year-old boy on August 12, according to the Guatemala National Police, as reported by The Sun.

The abductors sent the child’s relatives a photo that showed one of them standing next to Freddy while holding a shotgun. This was done in order to demonstrate that Freddy is still alive. In spite of the fact that the family paid the ransom, the child was never freed. 

On Monday, all three of the suspects were apprehended and brought to the police station in the neighborhood.  An irate crowd made their way to the police station, where they succeeded in capturing one of the culprits and dragging him to Xémal. Read more