What Hillary Clinton Just Posted To Show Support For Finnish Prime Minister Is Total Cringe

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has weighed in on the controversy that is surrounding video footage of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, which features her doing some rather wild, saucy moves, along with a picture of herself busting out some dances while serving as secretary of state in Cartagena, Colombia over a decade ago.

Let me just say, when you see what Hillary posted on her social media on this issue it will probably be the most cringe thing you are going to see on the Internet today. This is seriously going to be hard to top, folks.

Oh, and once you’ve witnessed this, there’s no amount of bleach on this planet that could possible wash it out of your head.

According to the Daily Wire, Marin has received a ton of backlash over the videos, which show her getting funky in a rather up close and personal way with a dude who is not the same dude she’s married to, which is not a good look politically speaking.

Oh, but it actually gets worse. There are also pictures of women with their boobies bared for all to see, making out at her official residence.

Again, not a good look.

“As Ann Richards said, ‘Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels,’” Clinton stated in what can be interpreted as her best feminist tone, going to cite the former Democratic governor of Texas. “Here’s me in Cartagena while I was there for a meeting as Secretary of State. Keep dancing, @marinsanna.”’