Look Who Just Stepped Down!

The Secret Service official who was pulled into the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol by the House select committee has decided he’s had enough of government service. You can already hear the wheels in some people’s heads turning right now as they begin to contemplate what the reason behind stepping away from this position might be. That’s understandable given the witch hunt against Trump and those associated with him.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, Agent Anthony Ornato retired from the Secret Service on Monday “in good standing after 25 years of devoted service,” according to confirmation from Special Agent Kevin Helgert. That’s a very long time to be of service to Uncle Sam. Just about anyone would have had enough by now. Perhaps all of the junk that’s going on with the current investigation into the Capitol breach is the straw that broke the camel’s back and helped Ornato decide now is the right time to metaphorically pull the trigger on leaving the agency.

“I did retire today to pursue a career in the private sector,” Ornato went on to report to multiple news outlets. “I retired from the U.S. Secret Service after more than 25 years of faithful service to my country, including serving the past five presidents. I long-planned to retire and have been planning this transition for more than a year.”

It seems, from Ornato’s comment here, that he’s trying to cut off any attempt by leftist media to create a narrative that paints up his departure from the Secret Service as having anything to do with his connection to the Jan. 6 investigation. If his comment is true, and there’s really no reason to doubt it is at this point, then the move was put into motion long before any of these developments occurred.

Ornato would not tell CNN who he would now be working for in the private sector. However, he did reveal that he would not be working for the former president, nor any of his agencies. Read more