New ‘Undercover’ Video of Sen. Ted Cruz Saying What Millions of Americans Think About FBI Goes Viral

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, was found ‘guilty’ of being a conservative American who says what millions of people think about the partisan FBI, as shown in an “undercover” video released on Tuesday.

The Cruz video, as captured by “gonzo” journalists at the left-wing group Undercurrent, shows the Texas senator being fairly level-headed in comparison to millions of Americans who would just rather see the FBI disbanded rather than remain a politicized weapon of the radical left.

“I wanted to say, thank you so much for all you’re doing to fight for Herschel Walker and to take back the Senate,” a woman in the video said about the Georgia senate candidate.

“And I just think it’s so important that you guys are actually going to defund all those IRS agents,” the woman added. Read more