DOJ Takes Aggressive Action to Silence ‘Whistleblowers’ Ahead of 2022 Midterm Elections

The Merrick Garland-led weaponized Justice Department has sent forth a new memo to chill any ideas that ‘whistleblowers’ might have about coming forward to contact members of Congress about Biden administration corruption.

‘Don’t do it. Don’t say a word.’ That is the thrust of the message that Attorney General Merrick Garland sent out to DOJ employees on Tuesday.

“In light of the confirmation earlier this month of Carlos Uriarte as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA), this is an appropriate time to reaffirm and remind all Department personnel of our existing policies regarding communications between the Justice Department and Congress,” Attorney General Garland’s memo says. “These policies, which can be found at Justice Manual 1-8.000, may be supplemented from time to time with more specific directions for particular components.”

“Like the policies regarding communications with the White House, these policies “are designed to protect our criminal and civil law enforcement decisions, and our legal judgments, from partisan or other inappropriate influences, whether real or perceived, direct or indirect,” Garland claimed.

“No department employee may communicate with Senators, Representatives, congressional committees, or congressional staff without advance coordination, consultation, and approval by OLA,” the memo adds.

The Department of Justice’s policy in question, as detailed in Justice Manual 1-8.000, is as follows: Read more