DISGUSTING! What Joe Biden Said To 9-Year-Old In The Audience Is Beyond Creepy

President Joe Biden has a well-established track record for being a creepy dude. He’s like the drunk uncle that comes to all of the family reunions and is always inappropriately touching the female cousins while they’re dipping into the coleslaw. Biden has been caught on video numerous times in photos and video, inappropriately sniffing kids and putting his hands in weird places on them. A very hands-on guy, that Joe Biden.

According to the Daily Political News Wire, Biden, during an event in the state of Pennsylvania, once again took an opportunity to make himself look like a creepy, perverted grandfather by making some very strange, inappropriate remarks to a 9-year-old girl.

Apparently, while the event was going on, Biden talked about “bringing people together,” while also slamming MAGA GOP members and the riot that happened on January 6th, which seems to be his favorite topic to discuss in public.

The president then told a pretty weird story, probably made up or fragments of a bunch of different memories his Swiss cheese brain slapped together, about “The East Side” and how you might go about finding the “best basketball team in the state.” I don’t think anyone in the audience has a clue what this guy is even talking about.