Look What Was Found Inside Dozens Of The Mar-a-Lago ‘Classified’ Folders!

The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid has been heralded by anti-Trump media as the ‘scandal-to-end-all-scandals.’ The nail-in-the-coffin. The ‘big one’ that will end Trump’s chances of becoming president ever again.

So, imagine the media’s surprise when many of the “classified” documents that were procured by the former sitting president for his official business — including those ‘top secret’ documents pictured in the FBI’s staged photo released to interfere in the U.S. elections — were merely folders… that were empty.

That’s right. Empty folders!

The FBI’s unsealed Mar-a-Lago photo now appears like a smoking gun case of “election interference.” It intentionally misled Americans to believe that those folders contained ‘top secret’ documents that were obscured by ‘cover sheets.’

“The FBI recovered more than 11,000 government documents and photographs during its Aug. 8 search at former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, as well as 48 empty folders labeled as “classified,” according to court records that were unsealed on Friday,” Reuters reported. Read more