Joe Rogan’s Poster For Upcoming Comedy Show Makes Fun Of Kamala Harris And It’s Brutal

One of the world’s most popular podcast hosts, Joe Rogan, who is also a standup comedian, recently took a massive, brutal shot at Vice President Kamala Harris in the poster advertising a standup event coming up on the horizon. Listen, this thing is epic in just about every way you can imagine. It’s a reminder of what comedy used to be like before the political correctness era popped into existence.

According to The Daily Wire, the poster features Rogan puffing away on a joint while Harris, decked out in a police uniform and cackling away, places the comedian under arrest. This is what true comedy looks like. It’s a massive, brutal zinger that also makes a valid point. It takes true talent to cook something like that up. Unfortunately, thanks to cancel culture, this sort of stuff is rare to see.

A pin on the police uniform says, “FREE BRITTNEY GRINER,” the WNBA player who was recently sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison on drug charges. The poster is an advertisement for a comedy show Rogan has scheduled for Sept. 16, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio at the Schottenstein Center.

“Columbus Ohio!” Rogan stated in the caption for the poster, “I’m coming in hot!”

Check out additional details from the report:

Harris faced backlash in early August after writing a statement that said that with Griner’s sentencing, “Russia continues its wrongful detention of Brittney Griner.” Griner pled guilty to the charges, and the Biden administration has reportedly weighed trading a notorious Russian terrorist in exchange for her.

Rogan took aim at Harris during an episode of his show “The Joe Rogan Experience” last week where he had NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers on as a guest.

“That’s why the hypocrisy about the Brittney Griner situation was so egregious in this country,” Rogan said. “Where Kamala Harris is talking about how horrible it is that Brittney Griner is in jail. Well, [Harris] put people in jail. [Harris] did. Thousands of people in jail for marijuana. Yeah, it’s crazy.”

Rogan then took another shot at the current administration for failing to follow through on campaign promises that were made concerning drug offenses. Then again, has Biden and Harris really, truly, done anything of value for America, including promises they made to their liberal base? Remember when Biden stated that he was going to unite the country? Well, just last week he called 75 million voters enemies of the state, so yeah, there’s another promise unfilled. Read more