Cackling Kamala Gives Most Delusional Take Yet on Potential Trump Indictment

Does Cackling Kamala Harris have her head screwed on straight? Those hoping to replace our senile president, Slow Joe Biden, with her will undoubtedly say “yes,” but her actions and statements tend to make most reasonable observers think otherwise.

Whether it’s her spewing some word salad when asked to speak on a subject she obviously didn’t prepare for, her inability to have a conversation without cackling at just the wrong moment, or to just otherwise not appear somehow more vapid than our rotting eggplant of a president, Kamala just doesn’t seem to be “all there” mentally. And that’s even when she’s appearing alongside Brandon.

Well, she recently showed that yet again, this time when discussing former President Donald Trump, himself once again the focus of the Sauron’s Eye of the Deep State because…he’s mean, or something.

According to Kamala, who was speaking on the matter to NBC’s Chuck Todd on the matter of Trump and his potentially being indicted, the truth of the matter isn’t that the American people see the Deep State’s persecution of Trump as abominable and Stasi-like, but rather that they will “demand justice” and that the former president be locked up. Apparently, Kamala thinks we all want to live in a banana republic.

That comment came after Chuck Todd, pressing her on whether Trump’s role as the leader of the political opposition changes how he should be treated by the feds, asked:

How much should President — former President Trump’s status as a former president and a potential 2024 candidate, how much should that factor into the decision to charge him?

Kamala didn’t really take the hint and went into a long spiel about the supposed independence of the DOJ, that collection of apparatchiks that has done so much to help the Democrats over the past few years, saying:

Well, I wouldn’t dare tell the Department of Justice what to do. As a former prosecutor, I will tell you, I’ve — my — I am not in the business of telling a prosecutor what to do with their case because they know best the facts and the evidence as applied to the law. And so I’m not going to tell them what to do. And certainly the president and I and our administration, unlike the previous administration, have been very, very careful to make sure that there is no question about any kind of interference in terms of the decisions that the Department of Justice makes — Read more