VIDEO: Climate Czar John Kerry Has Flown More Than 180,000 Miles — Flights That Emitted More Than 9.5 Million Pounds of Carbon

Sometimes things should just be obvious. If you want to hire someone to train you and help get you in shape, you don’t hire a fat guy. Let’s say you need to find a new family physician; you probably wouldn’t use one that was ripping a heater as he did your exam. Dentist with no teeth? Blind Uber driver? No and heck no!

Yep, some things are as obvious as they look. Take climate czar John Kerry for instance. Brandon appointed Kerry the “climate czar” after he took office to personally address world leaders and try to solve this supposed “existential threat”. Whatever. Kerry doesn’t believe that climate change is an existential threat any more than border czar Kamala Harris could take you on a guided tour of our Southern Border. What brings me to this conclusion? Well, how about backing your words up with actions? Check this out from the Free Beacon:

In his role as President Joe Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry has flown more than 180,000 miles—flights that emitted more than 9.5 million pounds of carbon, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

Folks, that’s a lot of frequent flyer miles, and a TON of carbon; 4.772 tons of carbon to be exact. Now, I don’t expect old stone face Kerry to walk everywhere, but how about at least PRETENDING to care about what you draw a (undeserved) paycheck for, eh John? I mean if everyone’s favorite Swedish meatball Greta Thunberg can take a sailboat to the climate summit in New York City, Kerry can surely go Greyhound on occasion! Read more