This Is America’s True Biggest Threat Bar None

If you were to imagine who the threat to America, the “sweet land of liberty,” who would it be? The people that generally just want to be left alone and live their lives as they see fit, largely in accordance with how their ancestors lived and in line with what the Bible says? Or the side that wants to demolish tradition, trans the kids, take and redistribute wealth, and is sending federal agents after the leader of the political opposition?

The answer should be obvious, but the either delusional or lying (or, perhaps more likely, both) Democrats don’t see it the way reasonable people do. According to them, it’s those people who don’t want their guns and wealth confiscated while their kids are transed that are the real threats to America.

Such is what the far-left Rep. Meeks said during a recent conversation on MSNBC with “Reverend” Al Sharpton the race-baiter (both men are black), saying that Republicans are an internal enemy. In the words of Rep. Meeks:

The biggest threat to us in America, it is internal. Clearly, when you look at what took place on January 6, the biggest threat to our democracy is internal. They did more damage to the United States Capitol, killing police officers, violating all types of rules and laws. The biggest threat is from within. “

That is becoming very, clear when you look at the Oath Keepers and what the non-defamation group has looked. That will be looking at people who are being recruited, who are police officers are firefighters. Former elected officials. That is something that shows you the deep threat internally that has to be looked at and is something that I think you reverend Sharpton and all of the civil rights groups.

What Antifa and BLM did was “mostly peaceful” despite the dozens dead and billions of dollars in property damage done. But some guy cracking a beer in the Capitol while a guy with a buffalo hat roams around is the “biggest threat” to “our democracy.” Read more