Fired CNN Host Brian Stelter Has A New Job

Former CNN reporter Brian Stelter who used to be the host of the show “Reliable Sources,” revealed on Monday that he had been awarded a fellowship at Harvard. In a tweet, Stelter announced his new employment opportunity at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Harvard University.

Stelter would go on to write in his tweet: “Personal news: I’m joining the @ShorensteinCtr at Harvard Kennedy School.” “Beginning in the fall, I will be serving as the Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow, during which time I will facilitate conversations, some of which will be broadcasted online. Thank you so much to @nancygibbs and all of her team for the beautiful home! ”

At Harvard Stelter’s new job will consist of him having discussions about threats to democracy and the response to those threats from the news media. So, essentially Stelter will be doing the same thing he did at CNN and that’s push far-left propaganda and demonize MAGA republicans.

Stelter was fired from his position at CNN a month ago as part of sweeping changes at the cable news network, wrote on social media that some of the discussions will be live-streamed, adopting a format that is comparable to that of his previous show at CNN. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to Nancy Gibbs, the director of the center and an illustrious ex-editor-in-chief of Time magazine, for providing him with the opportunity. Chris Licht, the head of CNN, surprised Brian Stelter by terminating him a month ago. Licht is in the process of re-centering the network’s programming away from left-leaning punditry and toward middle-of-the-road fact-based reporting. Stelter was truly caught off guard by the news. Read more