Tyranny: Look Who Was Raided by the FBI (VIDEO)

The FBI raided Mike Lindell and seized his cellphone, the MyPillow CEO reported on his livestream on Tuesday. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reported the details:

“I told you last night that the Biden administration has politicized law enforcement to the point where it feels Soviet,” Tucker Carlson led. “And we were not overstating it. The FBI has just raided the guy who sells pillows on this channel. Not because the pillows were bad, but because they don’t like who we voted for. Matt Finn is tracking the developments in that story tonight. Matt?”

“Tucker, Mike Lindell, known as the MyPillow guy reports on his livestream, Lindell TV, that FBI agents located him, questioned him, showed him their badges and asked him questions about Colorado and Dominion Voting Machines, and then provided him with a warrant to seize his cell phone,” Finn reported.

“And he says ‘we’re FBI,’” Lindell say in the clip. “He says, ‘show me your badges.’ So they showed one badge. They said, ‘how about yours’? You know, I’m ’cause I don’t trust anybody. Like, you know, they’re bad people. Well, they do that. And they said, what do you want? And, and says, we need to talk to you. So I pull over…” Read more