WATCH: Disillusioned Whoopi Goldberg Has A New Outrageous Claim

Whoopi Goldberg on Monday claimed that the Supreme Court had violated her fundamental right by overturning the abortion case of Roe vs. Wade. According to Goldberg, this court ruling violated her freedom of religion.

These claims were made as Goldberg appeared on Monday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View.” Goldberg maintained that the Supreme Court’s ruling led to her conclusion that the Court is compelling people to adhere to religious beliefs different from the ones they know.

Goldberg added that the ruling overrides a natural right for women to get abortions as they please, saying it should not be a matter to the Court to decide upon.

The conversation about the Court’s ruling started after Kamala Harris’s recent claim that the Court was becoming an activist court was mentioned. The Vice President also said this because the Court decided to overturn the abortion case and questioned the legitimacy of the Court’s ruling with the support of several democrats.

The Chief Justice’s response to this faction was, “I don’t understand the connection between the opinions people disagree with and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court … Yes, all of our opinions are open to criticism. In fact, our members do a great job of criticizing some opinions from time to time. But simply because people disagree with an opinion is not a basis for criticizing the legitimacy of the Court.”

Insistent, Goldberg added that abortions should be a right and not a matter of opinion, condemning the chief justice by saying he was disingenuous.