LOL: Hilarious Video Shows “Real Housewives” Star Ripping Into “Terrible” House of Windsor-Wrecker Meghan Markle

Does it really matter all that much what Meghan Markle is up to or what other celebrities are saying about her and her many failures? No, probably not. But it is entertaining, particularly after the damage she dealt to the royal family. Much like the never-ending Brittney Griner saga, the schadenfreude is a bit too good to pass up.

That’s particularly true given the briefly former Duchess of Sussex’s business blunders, which are piling up at a rapid rate. Take the Netflix show she had that got canceled. That should have been a hit and helped refill her purse and Harry’s bank account.

But it wasn’t. “Pearl,” the woke, animated show got canceled because Netflix decided it needed to cut costs. Were Meghan able to better use her popularity and channel it into excitement for the show, particularly among Americans, that probably wouldn’t have happened. But she couldn’t. And so the former Duchess lost out on a lucrative opportunity.

And so, “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel just tore into Meghan in a hilarious TikTok, blasting the former Duchess for her business blunders and saying that she’s quite a bad businesswoman. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, Frankel, discussing her view of Meghan and describing her many shortcomings, particularly in the business realm, said: Read more