Look Who Just Joined The GOP!

Because of the escalating border issue under President Joe Biden, two longtime Democrats recently stated they will seek re-election as Republicans.

Dale Carruthers, the justice of Terrell County, and Cinderela Guevara, the justice of Presidio County, both women who serve in border communities in Texas, expressed their anger at how Biden’s policies on the border have impacted their areas.

They claim that the Biden administration’s policies, which allowed more than 2 million individuals from over 150 nations to enter the country illegally over the southern border, are the sole reason they switched political parties. They have had enough with the crime that has resulted from an open border, including the smuggling of people, weapons, and guns, and have decided to take action, as described by Blankley.


Carruthers stated, “I come from a Hispanic heritage that was largely Democratic. The recent turmoil at the border and other events have convinced me that I need to change political affiliation. I’m proud to be a Republican and to serve as a judge in Texas.

I became a Democrat in 1992, Guevara proudly proclaimed. My first year running as a Republican after always being a Democrat. I appreciate everything Governor Abbott has done and is doing to help Texas, particularly at this time of crisis at the border.Read more