Bust Of Illegal Gambling Operation Leads To 5 Arrests; Guess Who Was Behind It All!

Federal authorities busted an illegal gambling operation which led to five individuals being arrested and charged, all of whom are believed to have ties to the notorious Lucchese crime family dating back at least 15 years. As the old saying goes, every dog has his day. What’s done in the dark will eventually be dragged out into the light, exposed for all to see. Either here, in this life, or the one to come.

According to Fox News, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the bust on Wednesday in a press release. An indictment that was unsealed in a Brooklyn federal court reveals that four of the defendants were taken into custody at their residences in New York, while the fifth was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida. The DOJ alleged that one individual that was arrested for the gambling operation, 57-year-old Anthony Villani, is a “Lucchese crime family soldier.”

It’s hard to believe that mob families are still a thing these days. You’d think with all of the technology available and our society being more and more under surveillance — which is a violation of privacy in my opinion — it would be very difficult for these kinds of people to exist. Apparently not.

“As alleged, this conduct demonstrates how members of La Cosa Nostra continue to engage in illegal gambling operations and money laundering money-marking schemes that lead to threats of violence against anyone who stands in their way and has resulted in millions of dollars in profits to the Lucchese crime family,” United States Attorney Breon Peace went on to say. “These charges illustrate this Office’s continued commitment to rooting La Cosa Nostra out of New York.” Read more