Griner’s Wife Shares Some Seriously Bad News about Griner’s Condition

Things are going from bad to worse for Brittney Griner, the America-bashing athlete caught smuggling a hash oil vape into the Russian Federation. She’s since been convicted in a Russian court and sentenced to nearly a decade in prison.

And though she’s just a few weeks into her years-long stay in a Russian jail cell, her wife (yes, Griner the athlete that refused to kneel for the anthem is also a lesbian) is already sharing some not so great news about Brittney and her condition.

Speaking with CNN reporter Abby Phillip following a meeting at the White House with President Joe Biden and his advisors, Cherelle Griner apparently said that “She’s [Brittney Griner] not well. She’s losing it.” She also tried to rally some support for Griner, who most of the country has moved on from since the trial, saying:

I’ve felt every minute of the grueling seven months without her. I look forward to the day my wife is back home. As my family and I continue on this journey, I’d like to thank the broad coalition of friends, leaders, and supporters who continue to stand with us and advocate for Brittney’s swift and safe return.

“Let’s share a unified commitment to bringing all Americans home to their families and loved ones. Together We Are BG.

I’ll pass. I think I’d prefer not to be “together” with the drug smuggling WNBA athlete that refused to appear on court for the National Anthem.

Cherelle also released a statement that was posted around Twitter, saying: Read more