JUST IN: Check Out Which Country Just Made Controversial U.S. Expat Edward Snowden A Citizen

Huge news is now developing for controversial former United States intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, as news broke that he has been granted citizenship in Russia per the order of President Vladimir Putin. This is a big deal for Snowden, the man who revealed that the National Security Agency was spying on the American people through emails and phone calls.

According to the Daily Wire, Putin officially signed the order granting Snowden the citizenship on Monday. Snowden has been living in the city of Moscow evading U.S. authorities since 2013. The former intelligence worker had previously received permanent residency to live in the country back in October 2020.

“Snowden worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency in 2013 when he left his job at an NSA facility in Hawaii and flew to Hong Kong. From there, Snowden released thousands of documents on U.S. domestic surveillance programs and global security operations. While some have hailed Snowden’s actions, U.S. authorities have sought his extradition to prosecute him on charges of violating the Espionage Act,” the report stated.

“Snowden was a systems administrator for the CIA before he moved into the private sector working for the contractors Dell and, later, Booz Allen Hamilton. While at Dell, Snowden began contract work for the NSA, working at a facility in Japan before moving to a facility in Hawaii. In early 2013, Snowden left Dell and went to work for Booz Allen, staying at the same Hawaii-based NSA facility,” the Daily Wire continued. Read more