VIDEO: One Listen to Italy’s New Prime Minister and You’ll Know Why the Global Establishment Fears Her So Much

Giorgia Meloni stunned the global political establishment when her populist-nationalist Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) swept into power on Sunday.

The ascension of Meloni and her right-wing block ushered out the reign of Prime Minister Draghi’s socialist and globalist government. Mario Draghi, the former head of the European Central Bank, presided over the European Union’s open borders policies that flooded Italy with migrants and a draconian Covid pandemic response that decimated small businesses and ignited popular uprisings. It was a volatile mix — and one that was due to combust.

And combust it did, along with international political observers who likened Meloni’s rise to the second coming of Mussolini, a purportedly ‘fascist’ reawakening on a European continent that has been predominately run by socialists for decades.

Except that Meloni has disavowed fascism, and not even the openly left-wing Guardian is willing to tarnish her with that cynical label of ‘fascist,’ which has become yet another catchall for any political viewpoint opposed to socialism, no matter how antithetical to fascism it may be.

The media bombast is an immediate indicator that Meloni must have something to say. That she does.

At the World Congress of Families in March 2019, Meloni unleashed a sweeping indictment of the globalists’ war on national, religious, and family identity. Her electrifying speech has captured the imagination of international observers craving ideologically based pushback to a culturally hegemonic regime that aims to strip human beings of their personal identities and render them no more than numbers for the global ruling class to manipulate.

One listen to the future Italian prime minister and you will quickly come to understand why the global elites fear her so much. Watch: