WATCH: 100 Black Juveniles Ransack And Destroy Wawa Store In Philly (VIDEO)

Just when you thought it was going to be a nice day getting some pumpkin spice coffee and a Shorti, but you walked into this nonsense where 100 or so juveniles were ransacking a Wawa in Philly. Just another day in paradise, I guess!


This took place around the 7000 block of Roosevelt Blvd. Cops reported no injuries, just a massive crowd that destroyed the property and went haywire. In the beginning of the video, you can see at least one girl is not participating in the chaos and she’s asking employees if they’ll still make her sandwich. That girl is hungry and no irresponsible behavior by her peers is getting in the way of dinner!

You can also see in the back of the video, near the entrance to the store, that someone is standing up high on something and twerking. Is there a twerking problem with this culture? WHY is it that every time there’s a crowd or some nonsense going on, that some chick always has to twerk like she’s the center of attention. Girl, go be a stripper. Ain’t no one looking at you when they’re busy destroying a store. That’s what happens when your dad leaves and your mom bangs everyone in the neighborhood. You be walking out of school like a line of ducks with all your step-brothers and step-sisters because you all have different dads.

6ABC News reported: “The bottom line is: we can not have this type of behavior happening in this city. The business community doesn’t deserve that, the citizens don’t deserve it,” said John Stanford, first deputy police commissioner. One woman who did not want to be identified says she often thinks twice before entering the store. “Sometimes I’m afraid to stop, it’s a shame,” she said. Video captured the juveniles inside the store throwing food and causing damage to the business. Police are still searching for the individuals involved.” Read more