WATCH: “What a Joke”: Reviewer Trashes EV Truck after Towing Test Turns into “Total Disaster”

Things did not go well when auto industry commentator Tyler Hoover decided to test out the towing capacity on the F-150 Lightning, the EV version of the famous Ford F-150. Though many proponents of EVs like to push them by arguing that they’re more environmentally friendly than the average combustion-powered car, require less maintenance thanks to the fewer parts needed for the engine, and, in the case of EV trucks, even have a greater towing capacity thanks to the heavy battery giving them a low center of gravity and ability to tow whatever weight they need to, that’s not the whole truth.

As I’ve pointed out in numerous previous articles, the other side of the coin is that they can’t drive as far as many combustion-powered vehicles, even electric trucks have trouble towing compared to their combustion-powered counterparts, long fill-up times can be dangerous and make road trips a pain, and during something like a hurricane or flood, the charging stations are a major net negative.

Well, Mr. Tyler Hoover decided to test out the new Ford Lightning and see how well it could do. Given that the title includes “total disaster,” you can probably guess how that went…

Watch the video here:


In case you don’t have time to watch the video, here’s what happened: Hoover aimed to drive the Lightning 32 miles with an empty trailer to pick up a recent purchase of his, a beautiful Ford Model A pickup truck from 1930, and then tow the Model A the 32 miles back. That should have been simple enough given that the range of the Lightning is supposedly 200 miles, so he planned on then trying to tow something heavier with it. Read more