Hot Topic Video: America’s Convenient Transportation Service and Drug Mule?!

Many drivers who drive for Uber have voiced concerns over suspicious packages that they are having to deliver or that are left behind. For example, one package was a bag of white stuff with a cigar box wrapped tightly with tape, or a bottle of pills – something you’d expect to see in a modern television show or movie.

Drivers for Uber’s courier service don’t necessarily have the foggiest idea what’s inside the questionable-looking packages or bottles that individuals request that they deliver — however some realize they would rather not be a part of it let alone involved. According to other news outlets, there were six drivers from around the U.S. along with, Australia who said they are concerned they’re being utilized as unwitting “drug mules,” shipping across town what they believe might be opiates while delivering for Uber Connect, a courier service the tech organization began right on queue during the covid pandemic.

It’s difficult to determine whether a suspicious package contains drugs or not. What’s more, that leaves drivers in a bind: Drive the bundles to the police, or continue to make the delivery? Kyle Brock said he was driving for Uber in Plateau, Arizona, last year when a Uber Associate client requested a package delivery starting with one motel and then onto another motel at 1 a.m.

“The package was just a grocery bag with the most random and worthless stuff in it,” he said in an interview, but we all know how drugs can be smuggled across the border in the shape of inanimate objects or hidden inside groceries.

There was a pen, a few sweets, and a container about the size of two decks of cards shrouded in an unnecessary amount of tape. He speculated there were drugs inside the case, yet Uber disallows drivers from messing with a package, so he didn’t pry.

“I dropped off the package with quite a bit of dread,” he said. An anxious-looking individual claimed the pack, he said, and Brock quit driving for Uber soon after.