Michael Moore was told to ‘Shut The F**k Up’ during anti-Republican talk (VIDEO)

During his HBO show on Friday nights, Bill Maher tried to stop Michael Moore’s anti-Republican babble in its tracks. When Moore predicted the Democrats would win the midterm elections in November, Maher had to step in and stop him, even yelling, “Shut the f*** up!”


Things were fine at the beginning of the convo. “You look like Michael Less,” Maher made fun of the director’s appearance and weight loss. However, the joking rapidly shifted to politics, particularly about the midterm elections.

Maher said: “So, ah, listen, we’ve talked about the midterms many times here. I think there’s sort of a bright spot there in the fact that the country is on the brink, which, for the first time I can remember, the midterms are…. This is the one usually we had trouble getting people to go out and vote for. Now there’s very high enthusiasm for a midterm election.” Read more