SAD NEWS For Democrats: After 30 Years in Office, This Dem Senator Might LOSE Her Seat

This election season is an unlucky one for the democrats, as many are already aware that they will lose the elections even before ballots are cast. Several incumbent democrats will lose their seats, and Republican candidates are leading nationwide.

A new poll conducted by Trafalgar Group found that Senator Patty Murray is one of the incumbent democrats at risk of losing their seats in the coming election. The Washington Senator who has managed to hold on to her seat for over a decade might be forced to leave. The recently conducted survey revealed that the incumbent senator might be leaving the seat for her Republican challenger, who seems to have more influence in the state.

According to the statewide survey, both candidates would have a very tight battle if the race was conducted immediately, and the winner would only lead by a narrow margin. Both candidates had a statistical tie according to the polls, which means that Smiley, Murray’s challenger, is up to the task and well-loved by the people of Washington.