(VIDEO) Popular chess player denies using item hidden inside body cavity to cheat

While scandals are not common in the world of chess, this one is particularly special. Being accused of using anal beads to cheat is something that no one would have imagined. But it just happened with Hans Niemann after his victory against World No. 1 grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, last week. Niemann, who was born in San Francisco, is relatively new in the sport.


During the Sinquefield Cup match in St. Louis, chess fans speculated that an accomplice used a chess program to determine the perfect move, and then sent a coded message via a vibrating toy, according to Daily Mail. While Niemann has staunchly denied cheating in that game, critics note that his Elo rating increased from 2484 to 2701 after he defeated Carlsen.

In a statement after his victory, Niemann said: “I have never cheated in an over-the-board game.” And he is now facing new speculation after he previously admitted to cheating in an online game when he was 12 years old. He said his cheating occurred as a child before he turned professional. Read more