New Information Comes to Light on Uvalde Shooting, Look What Just Happened To The Entire School Police Force

The Robb Elementary School massacre that led to the murder of nineteen schoolchildren and two adults is already one of the worst failures in U.S. law enforcement history.

But new information has come to light that has led to the immediate suspension of the entire school police force and two school officials put on administrative leave.

“The District has made the decision to suspend all activities of the Uvalde CISD Police Department for a period of time. Officers currently employed will fill other roles in the district,” a statement from the district said.

Lt. Miguel Hernandez and Ken Mueller were put on administrative leave, and then Mueller elected to retire.

“The District has requested the Texas Department of Public Safety to provide additional troopers for campus and extra-curricular activities,” the statement added. “We are confident that staff and student safety will not be compromised during this transition.”

The district stated that the measures were being taken in light of “recent developments.”

As CNN reported on Thursday, Crimson Elizondo, one of the state troopers to arrive on the scene within two minutes of the mass shooter entering the school, was fired after she made an illuminating comment while on bodycam.

“She is seen in her Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) uniform, handgun drawn, outside the school building in Uvalde, and then briefly in the hallway on the body camera footage from another law enforcement officer,” CNN noted.

“If my son had been in there, I would not have been outside,” she said. “I promise you that.”

Her remark nonetheless squares with the view of many parents at the scene who were held back by police to keep them from intervening in the mass shooting. Read more