WOW: Journos Attempt to Take EV Truck on Road Trip, Here’s What They Find Out the Hard Way

Ready to ignore all the warning signs about the problems with electric vehicles and buy an EV car or truck? Well then you might want to do a bit more reading, as that would not appear to be the wisest course of action available.

That’s particularly true of the EV trucks, which might look cool and have snazzy marketing campaigns framing them as the next big thing, but fail to live up to the hype in any way.

The Ford EV truck, the Lightning, for example, has a well-documented inability to tow a trailer anywhere near as far as it claims it will. So it will be a big problem if you, say, need to tow something more than a few dozen miles.

Then there’s the Hummer EV, which takes four days to charge unless you have a special charger…in which case it still takes a full day to fill up to go fewer miles than a normal, combustion-powered truck that can fill up in five minutes.

And that’s before getting into the other problems with EVs, namely that the battery fires burn hotter than hell itself, they’re highly expensive, their range is limited, and the charging situation is less than ideal if you need to, say, fill it up in an emergency.

Well, it turns out the charging time problem present with the Hummer EV truck is also a problem with the Ford Lightning, as a few journalists found out when they took the Lightning to a campground and found out that it would take a week to charge. Well, a work week…five days. Read more