Watch as a Conservative Country Star Leads the Crowd in the Legendary FJB Chant!

You should search up Aaron Lewis if you don’t already know who he is. He’s terrific, his music is fantastic, he’s the antithesis of woke, and most of the songs he sings have positive messages.

In the video below, he leads his fans in singing the “chant heard ’round the globe”, demonstrating that he is not at all a fan. F*** Joe Biden!


Wow, that’s fantastic. One day, I hope to attend a concert where the performer begins ruthlessly tormenting a detested Democratic president. It seems fantastic.

In order to provide context, let’s say that Lewis overheard concertgoers attempting to start the traditional chant. Then, instead of just continuing to sing while ignoring them or going on a diatribe about how amazing Democrat leadership is, as many singers would have done, he joined them and intensified the chorus. I would like to see that singer’s concert, for sure!

Louder with Crowder notes the following while describing Lewis’ conservative credentials:

Aaron Lewis made news this year with his #1 hit “Am I the Only One.” Leftists tried getting him canceled because the lyrics didn’t praise the glory of socialism. Those leftists failed at doing so. Lewis joins cats like John Ondrasik (of Five for Fighting Fame) as mainstream artists who are willing to speak out about how terrible Joe Biden is at being president.

At this point, the FJB chants had mostly stopped. They aren’t happening as frequently as they once did, whether it’s because people have grown bored of them or because people stopped going to events where crowds might truly be whipped into a FJB frenzy due to the cold of winter. Read more