WATCH: Climate Psychos Throw Orange Substance All Over Famous “Sunflowers” Painting by Van Gogh

Because the powers that be must have decreed that nothing nice anywhere can exist any longer, the war on what great pieces of the past remain is unrelenting. This time, that means that climate activists in London have used a can of Cambell’s soup to destroy Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting of sunflowers.

The BBC, reporting on what happened, noted that:

Climate activists have thrown tins of what appears to be tomato soup over a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers at the National Gallery in London.

Footage showed the pair opening two tins and throwing the contents on the masterpiece before apparently gluing their hands to the wall.

They were wearing T-shirts from the Just Stop Oil protest group.

Fortunately, the priceless painting was covered in glass, and so the crazed, anti-oil protesters weren’t able to destroy it to make their dimwitted point about fossil fuels.

A statement from the gallery, commenting on the event and the attempt to destroy the priceless painting, said:

“At just after 11am this morning two people entered Room 43 of the National Gallery.

“The pair appeared to glue themselves to the wall adjacent to Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (1888). They also threw a red substance – what appears to be tomato soup – over the painting.

“The room was cleared of visitors and police were called. Officers are now on the scene.

“There is some minor damage to the frame but the painting is unharmed.

“Two people have been arrested.

So the painting was, fortunately, undamaged by their craziness, though the frame was somewhat damaged. Thank goodness there was the protective glass over it, otherwise one of the great works might have been lost forever because of “climate change” loons.

Watch them here:


Kron24, adding context to the crazy incident, noted that the same climate group has attacked other priceless works of art and held up traffic on bridges and roads in the UK as a form of protest over the UK government allowing more drilling for oil and gas in the North Sea. In that outlet’s words: Read more