Ron DeSantis Ordering Florida Teachers To Do This In New Brilliant Move!

The education system was invaded by radicals in the 1960s with progressives intentionally going into teaching and school administrations in schools, junior colleges, and universities nationwide.

They used the underlying principle of Marxism and early versions of what would become social justice activism, Critical Race Theory, and the overtly racist concept of white frugality. These anti-American educators rolled out the updated curricula for their unsuspecting students and their parents.

The teacher’s unions, which have received outside funding and “donations”, fully embraced the left’s social justice doctrine and are requiring all their teachers to fall in line with their national organization’s radical agenda.

The results after 60-plus years? Failing schools from coast to coast, highly divided student bodies, anti-Capitalism and pro-Communism sentiments and classes increasing by the semester.

Recently the left has gotten behind the 1619 Project, an error-ridden attempt to revise how American history is taught, significantly. The project was created by a racist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, who is a reporter for the far-left New York Times. 

Jones launched the project in August 2019, promoting her claim that it was the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in colonial Virginia. In 1619, she insists a group of “twenty and odd” captive Africans arrived in the Virginia Colony.

Her thesis is America was built on the back of slaves, so 1619 is the real year America was founded, not 1776.

One of the main assertions in her highly disputed material is; “One critical reason that the colonists declared their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery in the colonies, which had produced tremendous wealth.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced he is fighting back against the bogus 1619 Project, Social Justice & Critical Race Theory indoctrination, with the truth.

The popular Republican governor has decided it’s time for teachers in the Sunshine State, to stop the nonsense and teach real, historically verifiable history again. Read more