WATCH: Former CNN & MSNBC Chiefs Give Absurd Reasons for ‘Blackout’ of Hunter Biden Story Before 2020 Election

Former CNN and MSNBC executives sat down with Michael Smerconish and were pressed on their lack of coverage for the Hunter Biden story prior to the 2020 election.


“[There’s a] controversy that you may think is bullsh*t,” Smerconish said. “Let me give you an example. I believe — they know this, because I talked about it on air. I think that the Hunter laptop was worthy of more airing than it received right before the election. Either of you agree with me on that? Do you regret? How about — if I ask you this way, specifically, do you regret not dealing with it before the election?”

“Well, I mean, I think — I think we — the question is, we did deal with it,’ former CNN chief Jeff Zucker respondedd. “But to the degree that, you know, you would have thought was appropriate. I think the answer is in the final two weeks, you know, it was looked at. We did not know enough about it. There was not, you know, there was not within two weeks of the election, the ability when the messenger on that story was Rudy Giuliani, okay?”

“No, I mean — but I mean, that’s the problem,” Zucker went on. “It’s like, you’re going to give a lot of legitimacy to Rudy Giuliani delivering, you know, he’s got the goods. So part of the issue with that story was who was delivering the goods?” Read more