An ‘Unusual’ Thing Happened Before a Virginia Elections Director Was Mysteriously Charged with Two Felonies Over the 2020 Election

The Virginia Election Integrity Unit earlier dismissed a county elections official for 2020 voting irregularities and charged her with two felony counts of corrupt conduct and making a false statement. While it is not entirely clear what happened, the reported backstory reveals that the Democrats’ complaints about her dismissal are hollow, indeed.

The Washington Post recently reported on the felony counts facing the ex-voting official and her summary dismissal. It is essential background reading for understanding a glaring anomaly in Virginia’s 2020 election that has raised red flags with some veteran political observers.

“Michele White, the ex-Prince William County registrar of voters, said in her first comments on the criminal charges against her that the case is an attack on Virginia’s election officials and could have a chilling effect on their ability to do their job,” the Washington Post reported on October 7.

“White said she did nothing ‘wrong or illegal’ in conducting the vote, but she has not yet been told the exact nature of the allegations,” the report continued.

“White was indicted last month on two felony counts of corrupt conduct and making a false statement as an election official, as well as a misdemeanor for willful neglect of duty by an elected official,” the Washington Post added. “The conduct is alleged to have occurred during the 2020 election season.”

“White resigned from her job in April 2021, following an emergency meeting of the Prince William County elections board,” the Post went on. “White said the board asked for her resignation, but did not explain why.”

“Now that we have a Republican governor, who is out campaigning for other Republican governors who claim the election was stolen, I feel that my unexplained resignation and the personal agendas of a few aggrieved staff have created an opportunity for the Governor to use me as a way to show a need for the Election integrity Unit,” White wrote in a text message. “It’s just a good show.”

The Democratic Party is screaming bloody murder about the Election Integrity Unit (which is a pretty good sign that it is onto something, for reasons that will be explained below). Read more