“Halloween Ends” for Stupid Gun Wielding Vegas Man in Michael Myers Mask

It’s the certain time of year in late October, where people start decorating their houses like cemeteries, kids dress up and go to random houses and beg candy, and everyone wants a good scare. Halloween is a weird holiday, isn’t it? Will we ever stop seeing hockey masks and Michael Myers masks on grownups? Probably not, since Hollywood insists on running stale sequel after stale sequel of the movie “Halloween” out, despite constantly promising this will be the last one.

Well, perhaps it’s not as funny as the actual movie (unintended humor), but for one Las Vegas criminal, Halloween has ended early this year courtesy of the Las Vegas PD. Guess that’s one less psycho in a Michael Myers mask. Check this out.

Police shot and killed a man who was wearing a Michael Myers mask while threatening people with a gun in North Las Vegas over the weekend.

The masked man, identified as 44-year-old Christopher Earl Smith, died from multiple gunshot wounds after a confrontation with police in a public park Sunday.

One can find tragedy in any death, but it’s a little harder in this case. A masked man was pointing and brandishing a firearm at innocent people in the middle of the day! That in and of itself is bad enough, but when you decide it’s a good idea to do the same thing to armed officers called BECAUSE of your actions a happy Hollywood ending likely isn’t in store.

“I work at the Carry Mini-mart, we have a guy out that had a gun and he’s pulled it on couple of customers,” one frantic caller told dispatchers. “He’s kind of wacko.” Read more