WATCH: “I Don’t Answer to the NFL.” Kari Lake Responds to the Woke League’s Potential Threat to Move the Super Bowl Out of Arizona

Kari Lake, Arizona’s unrelenting gubernatorial contender, is on a one-person quest to turn the desert state around. She is speaking up loudly and acting in the right way because she is guided by morals and the Constitution.

On the other hand, Katie Hobbs, her cowardly Democratic rival, only has faith in unbridled power. Lake got the floor to herself in a one-on-one with the moderator after declining to participate in a debate. Although a debate would have been preferable — and should be required for anybody running for public office — Lake was given the chance to spend the entire hour outlining her goals for becoming governor.

One concern was raised over the Super Bowl, which Arizona is planning to host in 2023. Lake has previously made known that she intends to declare a border invasion once she is in government, which would be a month before that event. In order to re-connect politics and sports, the moderator brought up Arizona’s failure to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the NFL’s threat to pull out in the early 1990s.

Watch as Lake skilfully navigates through the snares and precisely slashes at the core of the issue.

Lake is given the directive to commence when asked: “You have stated for quite a while now, day one as governor, that you would declare an invasion at the southern border. Do you believe you have the legal authority to do that?”

Absolutely,” Lake replied. “Article one, section 10, United States Constitution.” Boom, it was quick, simple, and accurate. Read more