LeBron James Scores More Than Just on Court According to Podcaster Sofia Franklyn

LeBron James is known for a lot of bad things, such as being a woke crusader and a soft touch for the CCP, but one bad thing he has never been accused of is cheating on his high school girlfriend. James has a well-deserved reputation for being a good husband and parent.

This legacy might soon be destroyed due to claims that James’ reputation may not be as solid as we’ve been taught to believe. Of course, at the time of writing, it is just rumor and hearsay, and we don’t accuse James of being unfaithful.

Some are, though, and that’s where things start to get interesting. With her recent discoveries that the unblemished marital reputation may be on the verge of collapse, podcaster and Instagrammer Sofia Franklyn is currently lighting up social media. From Outkick:

Sofia Franklyn made some heavy allegations about LeBron James and infidelity on her podcast.

LeBron James and his wife Savannah have been together since before he was an NBA superstar, and he’s routinely applauded for being a very visible husband and father to his children. However, according to Franklyn, the four-time NBA champion is a rabid “cheater.”

Franklyn provided more information on her podcast “Sofia with an F,” saying:

Leonardo DiCaprio, I know for a fact, I mean, I’ve never been invited but my friends have. He goes out, and his bodyguards or whatever go up to the girls, ask them if they want to go back to his house or wherever. They sign an NDA. LeBron James, same sh*t. Should I be outing all these people? … LeBron James has various parties constantly where NDAs need to be signed and women are at. You didn’t know that? You didn’t know LeBron is a cheater? Read more