Voters In PA React To Debate Showdown Between Fetterman And Oz

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman faced off against GOP challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz in a debate on Tuesday evening, and boy was it an event not to be missed. After things wrapped up for the night, NewsNation host Chris Cuomo asked voters during a watch party in Philadelphia what they thought about the debate.

According to WJTV, Juliana, a conservative undergraduate student, revealed that she came into watching the debate undecided about who she was going to vote for, though she did make it clear that one of the most important issues for her was abortion.

“I do believe that life starts at conception. I do also want the least amount of federal government intervention in our public and private affairs as possible. But I also do believe that Oz is not mitigating the rights or beliefs based on his opinion in the debate,” Juliana explained.

“During the debate, Oz and Fetterman seemed to be split down party lines on the topic. Democratic candidate John Fetterman said he supports codifying Roe v. Wade, and his Republican challenger Mehmet Oz believes abortion restrictions should be left up to individual states,” the report continued.

Juliana then stated that Oz now has her vote. A Democrat named Jessica also noted that the candidates’ comments about abortion where what she was focused on during the debate.

“I want to have control over my own maternal health choices. Honestly, I was pleased to hear from Oz that he would vote against a federal abortion ban. That kind of surprised me and definitely drew a line in the sand between him and Mastriano, who I think is a very dangerous person to be in the governor’s seat in Pennsylvania,” Jessica remarked. Read more